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Our experience in the entertainment industry has allowed us to identify an area that seems to be overlooked.  While entertainers have several layers of personnel handling their day-to-day business, there’s a need for guidance in their overall branding, public relations strategy and philanthropic efforts.  Artists are no longer going the "traditional route" in the music industry and we're there to help as they forge their own creative path to be heard. 


As it relates to celebrity causes, several entertainers may lend their name to a cause or non-profit, but few actually “own” their efforts, have their own foundations and manage to give back in a strategic and on-going basis.  We can help brand their philanthropy in a way that fans can relate, interact and remember.  It's all part of their overall brand.

Making an impact in the lives of others is the hallmark of what LEGACY stands for.  We help entertainers find meaningful ways to give back to their communities and within the industry.  Our goal is find out what their passion is and develop a strategic plan to showcase that passion.  Our successful programs are designed to leverage our clients and their platform to make a difference in a profound way. 

We provide unparalleled client-tailored services specific to their needs, whether it’s creating unique platforms to publicize a charitable effort and bring awareness to a cause their passionate about.  We manage every aspect of the philanthropic process, from developing a plan for giving that helps maximizes tax benefits, to handling research and development to ensure a foundation's intent is realized.  The ultimate goal is to use a celebrity's notoriety to make a real impact on society -- without compromising a hard-won reputation.

Many celebrities want to make a difference, but aren't sure how.  Others may know what they want to support, but don’t know where to start.  Then there are those who are already giving, but are not happy with the philanthropic impact they are making.  We’re here to help.  

Simply put, our passion is helping our clients showcase their passion.


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