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Working with professional athletes and sports organizations is part of the foundation in which LEGACY was built.  We have worked with some of the most elite sports personalities and leagues across the country.

Athletes are like no other celebrity in that they have very little help within their day-to-day lives.  As a trusted advisor, we work closely with agents and athletes to assist in their day-to-day management, image, public relations and charitable efforts.  We build a strategic plan to manage the overwhelming demand on athletes and their time, from appearances to charitable endeavors, during their active tenure and beyond. 

Our successful programs are designed to leverage our clients and their platform to make a difference in a profound way.  We provide unparalleled client-tailored services specific to their needs like player websites, social networking management, endorsement programs, managing player foundations, fundraising, speaking engagements and total event management.  We also manage every aspect of the philanthropic process, from developing a plan for giving that helps maximizes tax benefits, to handling research and development to ensure a foundation's intent is realized.  The ultimate goal is to use an athlete’s notoriety to make a real impact on society without compromising a hard-won reputation.

Many athletes and other high-net-worth individuals want to make a difference, but aren't sure how.  Others may know what they want to support, but don’t know where to start.  Then there are those who are already giving, but are not happy with the philanthropic impact they’re making.  We’re here to help.  

Just as athletes rely on their coaches for the right plays on the field, they turn to us for the right plays off-the-field, with their image and in the community.

Simply put, our passion is helping our clients showcase their passion. 

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