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We consult with non-profit and civic organizations on a variety of issues from awareness campaigns, public relations, developing strategic partners, cause marketing, fundraising programs, image/branding, communications and event planning and production. 

Each non-profit organization has their own unique story to tell about who they serve and why.  We not only help them tell their story, we work with non-profits to better define their strategy in communicating with donors, board of directors and the general public as it relates to their overall image, who they serve and how others can help.  We also work to align a celebrity spokesperson for the organization or an honorary chair for an event to gain maximum exposure for the cause.

We don’t believe in a “cookie-cutter” approach because one size does not fit all.  Our clients are vastly different and our strategies to serve those needs reflect that.  We design a plan that is tailor-made specific to the non-profit world, needs and goals whether it’s fundraising for a capital campaign or planning a celebrity fundraising event.  We provide unparalleled service that our clients can count on time and time again. 

We’re here to help.  Our passion is helping our clients showcase their passion.

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