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The Nonprofit Fundraising Initiative Extends Deadline for Event Grant Applications

To Help Other Area Nonprofits Raise Much Needed Funds in 2022

Applications Still Available for Event Fundraising Assistance

November 22, 2021 – Nashville, TN -- The Nonprofit Fundraising Initiative has extended the deadline for their Event Grant Application process for 2022 event assistance. Nonprofit Fundraising Initiative is geared towards helping other Nashville area charitable organizations with their fundraising events to include the planning, production and event execution.

The Nonprofit Fundraising Initiative is still taking event grant applications to help local nonprofits raise the much-needed funds they'll need in 2022 to assist in the worthwhile causes they support. If selected, the Nonprofit Fundraising Initiative will take on the enormous amount of labor that goes into the creation, planning, marketing, PR, ticketing, auction solicitation, production, and fulfillment of a fundraising event while increasing the amount of money that is raised. The organization aims to help take these concerns off the shoulders of local nonprofits which will allow them to better focus on their mission.

Fundraising events can be difficult to produce, but they often provide the largest opportunity for nonprofits to meet their annual donation and funding goals. Many nonprofits depend heavily on large scale events for their annual funding but those events are often difficult to commit to and execute, especially coming out of a pandemic.

Earlier this year, Nathaniel Beaver, Founder of The Nonprofit Fundraising Initiative said this about their mission, “We want to empower local nonprofits to reach their donation goals through impactful fundraising events and marketing opportunities. This is what we do day in and day out in our business, so it was a natural fit as we evaluated the need in our community.”

Nashville area nonprofits with a 501c3 distinction may apply now at: Deadline for Event Grant Applications has been extended to December 31, 2021.

Nonprofit Fundraising Initiative Board of Directors / Staff Members:

Nathaniel Beaver, Founder

Vicki Beaver, Director

Keegan Flanigan, Assistant Director

Stacey Garrett Kojo, Bone McAllester Norton PLLC

Briana Mullenax, LBMC Wealth Advisors

Matthew Wallace, Grant Thornton

Kerry Woo, Kerry Woo Photography

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